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Every organization has a formal structure and an informal structure. While the formal structure is defined by the company’s leadership, the informal structure naturally emerges as a result of daily interactions. The informal structure is almost always a mystery to organizational leaders, and this leads to misalignment, disengagement, and counter-productive behaviors such as toxic leadership. Kojuba’s mission is to maximize the social effectiveness of companies by increasing meaningful communication from the inside-out and the bottom-up.

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After creating a company account, employees are sent invites to begin a dynamic survey sequence. The survey sequence discovers the (1) personality metrics of the user, (2) current company sentiments, and (3) the base network of people that the employee has contact with in their workplace. After identifying the base social network, a series of questions are asked to begin differentiating the intensity and nature of the relationships. This renders a rich, multi-dimensional network that can be mined for organizational insights. Kojuba leverages this data to quantitatively identify social inefficiencies within organizations and to recommend specific actions for improving organizational effectiveness.

Our products


  • K7 Categorical Questions
  • Network Vizualization
  • Individual Performance
  • Employee Rank Analysis
  • Strength Identification
  • Weakness Identification
  • Peer Relationship Quality
  • Leader Relationship Quality


  • All Features from BASIC
  • Personality Metrics
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Cross-Factor Analysis
  • Formal Individual Reports
  • Leader Strength Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • HR Recommendation Engine

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